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FAQs  (frequently asked questions)


Q:  How do I view my race results from a recent event timed by Time Line?


  1. Click on the link "Race Results/Calendar" and choose the year of your event (ex. 2014 Events). 

  2. Scroll down on the page and find your event using the months as a guide. 
  3. When you find your event, click on the "" symbol that is next to the race name. 
  4. The results will be shown, you can find your name and print the page if desired.



Q:  I don't see my name on the results, but I finished the race.  Why isn't my name on the finishers list?

A:  Bummer!  Sorry about that!  We will do our best to solve your problem.  First, were you wearing a timing chip?  The "chip" was either on a black Neoprene ankle bracelet, which was distributed on race morning, or a souvenir chip distributed at packet pickup.

If you were not wearing one, then it will be difficult, but may still be possible for us to find your time. 

If you were wearing a "chip", was it on your ankle?

If the chip was not on your ankle, then it did not work for you.  The finish line mats detect the timing chip when it passes within one foot from the ground.  If the chip was worn anywhere other than your ankle (like, your wrist or pocket), the mats will not be able to detect it when you cross the finish line.

It's also possible that you were issued the wrong chip.  It happens!  In that case, your wrong chip probably worked just fine and now someone else has your time.

Hopefully, the above information will give you a better idea as to why your name is not in the results.  For all races, in addition to chip timing, we also have a manual back-up system which captures the finish time for about 90% of the finishers.  If you would like us to find your time, please contact Time Line via e-mail: with the following data:

    1.  Brief summary of problem:  e.g. "I completed the XYZ race but am not in the results.  I did/did not wear a timing chip."

    2.  Your name

    3.  Your bib number

    4.  Your approximate finish time.






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